Glasgow's Big Big New Year Ceilidh!

A fantastic New Year’s Night with Scotland’s 3 Top Bands:
The Legendary Fergie MacDonald & The Highland Ceilidh Band, Angus MacPhail & Skipinnish, Alasdair MacCuish & The Black Rose Ceilidh Band Headline what is set to be one of the best nights of the New Year at The Old Fruit Market, Candleriggs, Glasgow
New Years Night—1st January
Tel: 0141 353 8000

There are a few things about this event that make it different. Firstly the opportunity to see and hear all three bands on stage at once! Although they all have their own spot throughout the night there will be a grand fanale type spot where all three bands will take to the stage together.

Then there is the fact that the event is on January 1st! Great for all of us who have to work on Hogmanay. Also an opportunity to carry on partying for longer over the holidays - New year always fabulous in Glasgow - and Edinburgh, but never lasts long enough - so this year will be different!

This is a fabulous event, great fun, great music, great bands, and one of the best venues you could possibly have for a traditional Ceilidh at the Old Fruit Market - bring your friends and your visitors and experience a real Scottish Cilidh night on a grand scale!


Glasgows Big Big New Year Ceilidh

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