Cut backs effect hogmanay celebrations

Due to the lack of funding and potential cuts in the local authority budget organisers are been forced to scale back their hogmaany plans for this year. Unfortunately, in some cases this means the cancelation of the street party.

According to the Scotsman areas that are affected to date are Oban, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth and Aviemore who will not be having a major party.

The big three: Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling are all scaling back. This means no household headline act for any of the events and in the case of Glasgow and Stirling half the normal amount of tickets sales. (Glasgow 5,000 tickets available compared to 10,000 from previous years, Stirling 4,000 ticket sales compared to 7,000)

Edinburgh has also reduced the number of tickets available for the street party this year by 20,000, partly due to the lack of sales last year and the lack of funding. Their celebrations have also cut a day from the programme meaing the events starts a day later than normal.