Edinburgh based band Stanley Odd play live at this year's Hogmanay

Edinburgh based band Stanley Odd play live at this year's Hogmanay celebrations.

Dec 31st - Stanley Odd support The Enemy @ Edinburgh's Hogmany - Waverley Stage. Stage live from 9pm – 1am. £10 administration fee per ticket.

You can watch the video to the single 'The Numbness' at www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpdKwWzeylY

Stanley Odd is a truly international band, a six-piece live hip-hop act with members from Norway, Germany and Scotland. Purveyors of a unique blend of hip hop, funk, electronica and anything else that takes their fancy; undeniably experienced live music combatants; renowned for infectious grooves, social commentary and above all else music to get mad with.
Describing their sound as like ‘A million bar-codes all getting scanned at once’, Stanley Odd’s line up goes as follows. Solareye -rap vocals, random antics and jacket theft, Veronika Electronika – singing and shaking what her momma gave her, B Dot - drums, electronics and other stuff you can hit, AdMac -bass and beard, Kamarata Kamerun - guitars, Norweggie rage and T L O - keys, questions and answers.

‘Welcome to the Odd-yssey, paranoiac words & awkward beats

walking the dichotomy - organic & technology

music for soul and body, holding court on lost philosophy

hit the voddy & wake up like McMurphy post-lobotomy

don’t play the lottery

no 'God save the monarchy'

just my oddity –

Stanley Odd because I've got to be’

Catch STANLEY ODD live at the following venues

Dec 12 - The Warehouse, Aberdeen - supporting Goldie Looking Chain

Dec 31 - Edinburgh's Hogmany - Waverley Stage - supporting The Enemy