Edinburgh Hogmanay Forecast: Wet and Mild

For those worried about a repetition of last year's Hogmanay debacle where gale force winds caused the organisers to cancel the Hogmanay celebrations at the last minute, the weather outlook for tonight's bash is relatively encouraging.

The Met Office's current weather forecast for Edinburgh later tonight is light rain, with a 6°C temperature and a 6mph wind blowing in an East South Easterly direction.

Last Chance To Get Tickets

A slump in ticket sales for this year's Edinburgh Hogmanay could mean that ticketing and barriers may be cancelled next year as the number of revellers diminishes to a more manageable level. A ticket policy was introduced after 300,000 revellers turned up in 1996/1997 to the hogmanay events.

This year though you still need tickets to Edinburgh's Hogmanay street party. The good news is that tickets are still available, but at a price.

You can buy a Hogmanay Party Pack for £20. Each party pack includes branded merchandise and a ticket to the street party.

There are also tickets available for Ceilidh in the Gardens in East Princes Street Gardens. Tickets are £35 and include a ticket to the Hogmanay Street Party.

Tickets can be purchased at the Hogmanay office at East Princes Street Gardens from 10am-5pm today.

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